Current Newsletter

The articles in the June 2014 issue of the Friends Newsletter include:

  • Forthcoming Events
  • John Muir Festival – Update
  • Official Opening of the John Muir Way – Update
  • John Muir at Makars’ Court
  • Nature’s Beloved Son
  • Dunbar Primary School ‘Tapestry/Collage’
  • John Muir and the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry
  • New promotional film for John Muir Award
  • Dunbar Primary School’s ‘A Most Unusual Boy’
  • John Muir at Makars’ Court: DPS Pupils’ Report
  • John Muir Way article for San Francisco paper
  • John Muir Way by Rucksack Readers
  • Obituary: Ross Erwin Hanna
  • John Muir DVD for American schools
  • Membership News

For the complete contents of this newsletter please see  FoJMB Newsletter #28, June 2014 or go to the next page for the Scribd version.