Muir Quotes 3

15 March 1913, John Muir’s ‘The Story of My Boyhood and Youth’ was published by
Houghton Mifflin, Boston and New York.
It has constantly been available in the 100 years since. It tells of his
early years in Dunbar and then, from ages 11 to 22, of growing up in the
wonderful Wisconsin countryside.  His
love of nature, awakened in East Lothian, was nurtured in Marquette County and
inspired him to change the world’s view of wild places

Today’s quote

With my school lessons father made me learn hymns and Bible verses.  For learning ‘Rock of Ages’ he gave me a penny, and I thus became suddenly rich.  Scotch boys are seldom spoiled with money.  We thought more of a penny those economical days than the poorest American schoolboy thinks of a dollar.  To decide what to do with that first penny was an extravagantly serious affair.



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