Winter 2017 Newsletter

The articles in the Winter 2017 issue of the Friends Newsletter include:

  • Annual General Meeting – Convener’s Report
  • Peering into the Abyss of Time: Siccar Point
  • Inspired by Muir
  • Oldest Visitor Views Muir Link
  • Friends’ Next Birthplace Exhibition
  • 21 Years Ago: National Launch of John Muir Award Scheme
  • John Muir Award – 21 Years On
  • John Muir Award – Turning 21 Exhibition
  • John Muir Country Park
  • John Muir’s Birthplace – News
  • Membership News

For the complete contents of this newsletter please see FoJMB Newsletter #39, Winter 2017 or go to the next page for a link to the Scribd version.

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