John Muir in the New World

April 18, 2011
9:00 pmto10:30 pm

John Muir in the New World flyerAlthough the following documentary film is only showing in the US on the PBS channel – so the time stated is for a US timezone – Friends… thought this news to be worthy of wider publicity. Perhaps we could arrange a showing of the video in conjunction with Dunbar Film?

John Muir in the New World

National Broadcast on PBS
April 18, 9:00 PM
Preservationist, naturalist, author, explorer, activist, scientist, farmer, John Muir (4/21/1838 – 12/24/1914) was all these things and more. Nearly a century after his death, this Scottish American is remembered and revered as the father of the environmental movement and the founder of the Sierra Club, the oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization in the United States. This 90 minute documentary John Muir in the New World delves into Muir’s life and influences with reenactments filmed in high definition throughout the majestic landscapes he visited: Wisconsin, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra Valley of California, and the glaciers of Alaska.

There’s also a trailer – YouTube – AMERICAN MASTERS | John Muir in the New World – Trailer | PBS and a Facebook page – with almost 12000 fans – dedicated to this documentary:

The life and the career of John Muir come to life through this inspiring and beautiful documentary set against the magnificent landscapes of the American West. The Scottish-born naturalist was one of the first nature preservationists in American history, inspiring others through his writing and his advocacy to keep the wilderness wild.
During his lifetime, the impact of his powerful voice could be seen in the preservation of the Yosemite and the sequoia groves of California, and the glacial landscapes of Alaska. His vision survived long after his death through the work of the Sierra Club, an organization he founded.

Shot in high definition in the spectacular landscapes that shaped Muir – and were, in turn, shaped by his devotion. A diversity of images run through the program: the Wisconsin woods of his childhood, his incredible journey on foot through the American South, the Yosemite Valley, the California fruit ranch where he lived with his wife and daughters, the Alaskan wilderness that so attracted him, and the National Parks that he was so instrumental in creating.

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