John Muir, Earth – Planet, Universe

JM_Graphic_NovelAs reported in FoJMB Newsletter #25, October 2013 Education Scotland had chosen John Muir to be a nominated figure in Scottish Studies and funding found for the publication of a graphic book telling of the life of Dunbar’s most famous son. The graphic novel was launched by Scottish Book Trust on April 2nd. Written by award-winning author Julia Bertagna and illustrated by Glasgow-based artist William Goldsmith, the novel is based on the key moments and life adventures of John Muir and is intended to help children develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the natural environment and the importance of protecting wild places. A class set of 24 copies will be distributed to every secondary school in Scotland this month to coincide with the opening of the John Muir Way by the First Minister on the 21 April 2014.

This new graphic novel about John Muir can now be downloaded. It is a great resource for children, parents and teachers.

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